Chloé Rosetta Bell is an artist and multidisciplinary designer concerned with landscape as a relationship between craftsperson and material and the narrative surrounding food from its source to the table. Specialising in Ceramics, Chloé views objects as a nexus of communications between chefs, their suppliers and the landscape from which they work. Her work often incorporates research, objects, writing and visual creations to develop rare projects with clients and their landscapes. Raw material is integral to her practice and there is period in each project dedicated to study of a fundamental landscape which will inform and drive the collection.

Chloé in her final year of study in Ceramics & Glass at the Royal College of Art where she is currently working with two star Michelin restaurant, The Kitchen Table, in Marylebone and one star Michelin restaurant Sosban & The Old Butchers, on the Isle of Anglesey. For each restaurant she has identified one of their suppliers to work with to develop a unique narrative and gain access to a key rural landscape. She is collaborating with Porthilly Oyster Farm in Cornwall for the Kitchen Table and Halen Môn, Sea Salt on Anglesey for Sosban & The Old Butchers. This provides a unique opportunity for consumers to view a deeper narrative of the materials and people involved each project. The result will be bespoke tableware for each restaurant with a strong narrative surrounding landscape and suppliers.