A collection which calls to archaic ways and the Undercliffs on the Isle of Wight.

Around five miles long and under a mile wide the Undercliff is one of the largest areas of urban landslip in North-Western Europe. This collection proposes to take you to the edge of these cliffs. The ceramic surfaces echo the chaotic cliff faces, where lines of rocks meet narrow winding paths. Early settlements on the Undercliff were often used for smuggling. Oil lamps would light the paths up the cliffs. Chloé collected material from these very cliffs and embedded it into her ceramics. This collection is for a simple table setting, lit with an oil lamp. The collection was created for The Future Kept a store, nestled on the south coast of England. It was created and curated to capture the wilderness of the Undercliff whilst maintaining purpose for daily use. The axis of this work investigated the manifestation of making, looking at Chloe’s relationship to the Undercliff and its reflection in her making.